Cut back straps 2 inches thick and wrap a piece of bacon around the out side of them and secure with a tooth pick. Then brush with olive oil and spices of your choice... I like salt and pepper only.

Cook over charcoal and mesquite wood fire to medium rare or rare. Add some mushrooms cooked and sautéed with butter, if desired.
Wild game meat can get over-cooked real easy, so it’s better to under cook the meat. Another tip is to soak your game meat in milk to take away some of the gamey taste.

Dennis also likes to take an onion and cut a square in the middle of it. Place a tablespoon of butter and a beef bullion cube in the middle. Then wrap it in foil and place on the grill. You will love the taste of the onion.



See Dennis at the Michiana Outdoors Sportsmen Show on Feb, 24 & 25, 2012.