2013Outdoor-IMG 4493sq-web2   With more than 124,000 square feet available to you, we can fit any sized event in the Michiana Event Center. We offer you a relaxed working environment, experienced staff to assist with your event, plenty of parking and outdoor space -- all in the beauty that is Northern Indiana. 

Grazing-Conf  Equine Facility ... Our Equine facility offers more than 150 removeable box stalls, each with rubber mats.  Our aisles are also lined with rubber to guard against injury and accidents. The Performance/Driving arena measures 175'x65' and can actually extend into the main hall to allow the horses top speed.  Ample spectator seating is provided and a permanent sound system is already in place to keep your crowd engaged and comfortable.  There is plenty of space outdoors too to warm up horses, if needed.

   The 3 Halls can accommodate 384 10x10 booth spaces, allowing generous 10' aisles throughout.  Additional exhibit space is located where the removeable box stalls are located.   The building has six covered docks for easy unloading and many hand-carry doors for Exhibitors.

    On-site, home-style concessions add it this long list of advantages the Michiana Event Center has over the competition.  Call us today and let's begin planning your next event.

Facility Layout





Facility Layouts



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